Pageant Queen, Musician, Realtor, Actress – Monica English Does it All

We had the opportunity of interviewing Miss California Regency International, Monica English, who is an extraordinary young woman successful in multiple areas. From pageantry to realty to acting and more, she is one of a kind and inspiring so many people.

Officially, Monica says she is a realtor, model, actress, and musician. The many hats she wears includes the opportunity of being Katy Perry’s violinist in last year’s GAP Holiday Commercial Campaign that was aired nationally

What Monica brings to the table and incredible opportunities she has achieved & conquered is inspiring to say the least. We had some questions for her:


Tell us about one of your favorite memories and why it’s so special to you.

My favorite memory was when I studied abroad in Shanghai at Fudan University. While connecting with my roots and immersing myself in Eastern culture and philosophy, I booked runway and commercial modeling work from a professional female talent agent I met at a night club. During that same time I spontaneously hired a business mentor who first helped me create a coaching business and then later helped me launch a rental business. Though I’ve been silently investing in real estate since I was 18, she was the first person to show me how to cash flow properties I didn’t even own. Once realizing how many avenues real estate offered, it was a no-brainer to obtain my real estate license.

Do you have any habits that you feel contribute to your effectiveness?

My morning routine keeps me moving towards my goals and dreams on a daily basis. I am a huge journalist and write everything down. Meditating, reading, exercising, and writing in some form everyday are essentially all non-negotiable habits to maintain my peace and well-being.


What should our readers know about you?

I consider myself a multi-hyphenate. As both an artist and entrepreneur, I’ve never met conventional standards and refuse to be put in a box when I check off multiple boxes. I’m a by-product of resilience. I’ve always been a bit of a rebel and known to challenge the status quo. I believe my purpose is to give back and inspire other like minded women to step into their power.

What challenges have you had to overcome being a woman in your industry ?

Being a woman comes with enough challenges on its own, not to mention being a minority. As a mixed Asian American and daughter of an immigrant, I have always felt extreme pressure to outperform or achieve an unrealistic level of perfection in all that I do. In the workplace women are expected to overcompensate, all while facing prejudice in a society that tries to keep us feeling small and limited. Everything boils down to expectation or lack thereof. Daring to achieve what might be considered impossible by others has become a recurring theme. In my journey of pursuing both entertainment and real estate, I’ve learned that dealing with challenges never gets easier, you simply get stronger. I found that in a world where women are expected to meet a status quo, I don’t necessarily fit the mould and am never what others perceive me to be. I challenge the common misconception that if you are competent in one area, you must be deficient in all others. Many are in disbelief that success can coexist in multiple career paths. I aspire to break these stereotypes and misconceptions to show others what is possible. It’s about time we stop simplifying and limiting ourselves.


Do you have any hobbies that attribute to your lifestyle?

A multi-instrumentalist, I enjoy practicing the violin, piano, and guitar. I played in my high school honors orchestra as 1st violinist and concertmaster. I’ve booked different print/commercial/television jobs and public event performances playing violin, piano, and guitar. Best known as Katy Perry’s backup violinist in last year’s GAP Holiday Campaign. I’m also a big fitness enthusiast; whether it’s pilates, yoga, boxing, or swimming, intentional movement is part of my lifestyle. And whenever I travel I always aim to explore the ocean, as a certified PADI Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver and Freediver.


We recognize that people often have help along the way to success. Who are your biggest supporters?

I have countless mentors and supporters I am thankful for. My reality today would not be possible without my amazing partner, family, friends, and coaches.


Who in your industry is your biggest influence?

As someone who came from nothing, I am deeply inspired by those who started from humble roots and overcame hardship from an early age. After Dottie Herman lost her mother at 10 years old, she transformed her pain into power and has become “America’s Richest Self-Made Woman in Real Estate,” not to mention a long-time philanthropist at heart. Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran is another female real estate mogul I admire, who used a single $1,000 loan to launch a lucrative career as an investor, serial entrepreneur, TV personality, and author.


What advice do you have for our readers?

My advice is to never underestimate yourself; get laser focused on your personal vision and manifest your wildest dreams. Remember that you are capable of so many things you never imagined possible. Take calculated risks. Your future self will thank you for being brave enough to never stop believing in yourself.


Instagram: @Missmonicaenglish


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