Strumming Through Life: Robert Abernathy’s Testament to Music and Dreams

Robert Abernathy’s life story serves as a testament to the enduring power of music and the relentless pursuit of dreams. His musical journey began in the 1990s when he first picked up a guitar. With a chord book in hand and an unwavering passion for music, Abernathy began learning chords from iconic bands like the Eagles and Alabama. This early exposure to the world of music would lay the foundation for his future endeavors.

During his high school years, Abernathy formed a band. He candidly recalls their initial performances as being less than perfect and a product of simply “playing around”.  However, Abernathy’s keen sense of progression led him to recognize the improvement over the years. This dedication to growth would prove to be crucial in shaping his musical journey.

Abernathy’s early success came in 1995 when an established vocal group participated in a The Nashville Starbound Competition at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN. Their exceptional talent and commitment led them to clinch the coveted first place in the competition. This early success at a prestigious venue like the Grand Ole Opry foreshadowed Abernathy’s future in the country music scene.

Abernathy’s musical influences read like a who’s who of country music legends, including Diamond Rio, Alabama, Eagles, and Restless Heart. What resonated most with him was their remarkable harmonies, a characteristic he would later infuse into his own music. Abernathy’s profound appreciation for harmony would become a defining element of his unique musical identity.

A significant challenge Abernathy encountered was juggling his teaching career with his passion for music. For the majority of his professional life, he served as a dedicated seventh-grade teacher. The financial constraints and time limitations that came with teaching prevented him from fully committing to his musical aspirations. Despite receiving numerous invitations to perform nationwide, he couldn’t give in to the temptation due to his teaching responsibilities. Even during the summers, a recurring summer camp held him back, preventing him from pursuing music. Between 1996 and 2010, Abernathy’s musical pursuits were put on hold.

A turning point in Abernathy’s life came in 2020, coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic. A chance discovery of his original songs led to an offer of a residency in Nashville’s vibrant music scene. This opportunity necessitated his departure from the teaching profession every Tuesday, and remarkably, his school principal was supportive of his musical endeavors. With only a year left until his retirement after 25 years of teaching, Abernathy seized the opportunity to embark on Friday and Saturday night residencies in Nashville, significantly expanding his performing horizons.

Robert Abernathy has evolved into a versatile artist who not only showcases his own original songs but also leads an Eagles tribute band. Today, he is living his dream, performing the music he loves and crafting heartfelt lyrics.

Upon retiring, Abernathy faced the challenge of performing as a teacher on weekends, often requiring travel that complicated his commitments. Ultimately, he decided to pursue his dreams after 25 years in education, making the significant move to Nashville to focus on songwriting. Just two months after relocating, he signed a record deal and began writing songs for other artists. Winning accolades like both the 2018 and 2023 Male Country Artist of the Year at the Alabama Music Awards which served as validation and motivation to press forward. Also at the 2023 Josie Music Awards, he was even a finalist for Modern Country Male Artist of the Year, Modern Country Male Vocalist of the Year, and Entertainer of the Year in various genres, one of only 9 in a pool of 59,000 submissions. 

Abernathy was starting an entirely new chapter in life at the age of 50, and his dreams of becoming a successful artist finally seemed within reach. His journey of Robert Abernathy continues with thrilling new projects. In mid-November, he plans to release a holiday song featuring Marissa Luna, the Miss University of Alabama, accompanied by a captivating music video. Describing her as “incredibly talented” with “an amazing voice,” Abernathy’s collaboration promises to be a holiday delight. Furthermore, an EP is scheduled for release in January, offering fresh melodies and evocative lyrics for his ever-growing fan base.

Before concluding, don’t forget to check out Robert Abernathy’s latest release, “Redneck Magic,” featuring artist SMO. SMO, known for his reality show on A&E and his former Warner Music signing, brings his unique flavor to the track, highlighting Abernathy’s versatility and musical prowess.

Robert Abernathy’s journey from an earnest teacher to a celebrated country music artist serves as an enduring testament to the power of determination and unyielding commitment to one’s dreams. His story is a beacon of hope for aspiring musicians, demonstrating that with unwavering dedication to one’s craft, dreams can indeed come true. Keep a watchful eye for his upcoming releases and bear witness to the continued ascent of this exceptional artist in the realm of country music.

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